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Royal Wedding: Princess Diaries, Volume XI

Royal Wedding: Princess Diaries, Volume XI - Meg Cabot I need this.

The Princess Diaries has been and will forever be my favourite series. It was the first real series I ever read and if my sister in law hadn't bought me the first book for my twelfth birthday I probably wouldn't even be writing this because I would never have got into reading books. That scares me a little, but I think it shows how much the series means to me.

To this day the series is my comfort blanket.. If I've had a bad day or I just feel like crap I will pick up one of the books (at random now because I've read them so many times I basically have them memorised) and settle down with my old pal Mia (who's name I have always pronounced Maya because that's how I thought it was pronounced when I first read it) and relive the crazy happenings of the fictional world of princesshood that Cabot created all those years ago.

I somehow manage to link anything that happens in my life to the series because it was such a huge part of growing up for me.. I still stand by the fact that I am essentially a mixture of Mia and Tina, because I definitely have Tina's love for romance novels and Mia's attitude towards animals and just life in general..

I've only just now realise I totally missed the opportunity to do this review pre-read review diary-style.. Oops

In light of how much the series means to me I have a few wishes going into it :
• I wish that Mia still keeps a little bit of her juvenility despite being all grown up because lord knows I act more childish every year.
• I wish to see Fat Louis as happy as can be, perhaps with a lady cat friend?
• I wish to see is Tina and Boris are still together
• I wish really really hard that the plot of the book doesn't become too.. Much.
• I wish to see what teenage Rocky is doing nowadays..
• J'espère que Grandmère est toujours vivante par ce que c'était vraiment une de mes personnages préféré dans la série ! Et j'espère aussi que son chien est toujours vivant.

Anyways, I think that at this point it kinda goes without saying that I'm super excited for this I really cannot wait!

Over & Out, T xx